Waldhotel Sulzbachtal

We are still at your service! 🙂


Dear guests,

As the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic starts to diminish in Germany, we wish to remind our guests that we are, as always, at your service to make reservations. To make your upcoming stay with us a healthy and happy experience, we have implemented a number of measures to guarantee the best possible protection while here.

Since we provide room accommodations and food-service activities, we take our responsibility to provide the highest quality hygienic conditions and standards of cleanliness with the utmost seriousness. Your well-being and health are at the forefront of our minds. With our comprehensive regime of hygienic measures to control potential health hazards, we can assure you that nothing will stand in the way of a relaxed stay in our Sulzbach valley forest hotel:

  • Please note the "3-g-rule" that has been in force since August 16, 2021. According to the Corona regulation of the state of Baden-WĂĽrttemberg, it is necessary for a stay in a hotel that all persons who are neither fully vaccinated nor recovered must present a negative rapid antigen test (rapid antigen test not older than 24 hours / PCR- Tests not older than 48 hours).

  • In the public areas of the hotel, such as the lobby, hallways and breakfast room, the continuous wearing of a medical face mask (FFP2 or OP Standard that covers both mouth and nose) is mandatory. If you do not have a mask available, please ask. We will gladly provide you with one free of cost.

  • You do not need to forgo our breakfast buffet for reasons related to Covid-19. Our buffet is designed in such a way that guests can avoid touching areas, such as cutlery, dishware or glassware, with which other guests have already come into contact.

  • When hotel occupancy is low, we offer you an additional personalized service: The chance to have your breakfast prepared according to your own individual needs and wishes.

  • In the breakfast room, seats have been positioned to ensure proper safe distancing. Furthermore, after leaving an area, each is thoroughly disinfected. Normally, the tables are then set for use the following day.

  • When you make your reservation, feel free to express a preference for taking breakfast in your room or on your outdoor balcony, should you have access to the latter.

  • We have increased our regular cleaning and disinfection of all pubic areas throughout the hotel to counteract repeated guest contact with common surface areas.

  • If you wish, we can also forgo the daily room cleaning during your stay. Rest assured, however, that our staff is thoroughly trained in hygienic measures as they relate to safe room cleaning.

Stay healthy. And please enjoy your stay in our forest hotel surrounded by nature at its very finest!
Yours faithfully,
Sulzbach valley forest hotel

Should you desire further information or have questions, please call or email us at the number or address provided on our home page. You can also generate an email on our “Kontakt” page.

Link to “Safe opening stages” and “CoronaVO”